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Corporate Profile

Today’s consumers want decorated textiles that reflect their own imagination, in any quantity, on a myriad of fabrics, at the speed of digital. To meet this demand, suppliers require technologies that streamline production, simplify the supply chain (and its associated risks), enable proximity production, and eliminate waste—both from an inventory perspective, and an environmental one. Kornit Digital is a pioneer in revolutionizing textile printing to master this economy.

Kornit Digital technologies empower apparel, accessories, home goods, and other manufacturers and brands to create on demand, “just in time,” producing only what they sell, at the touch of a button. By eliminating preparation time and maximizing production uptime, Kornit’s systems create new opportunities for revenue, ensure profitability from orders large and small, shrink carbon footprint, and mitigate vulnerability to sudden shifts in market dynamics. Print operations can allocate their human and capital resources more effectively, grow their e-commerce business, repatriate operations, and more.

Giving textile decorators the efficiency and agility they demand, while giving consumers the responsible production practices and self-expression they demand, Kornit Digital is the lynchpin for capitalizing on the digital supply chain. With Kornit Digital, print businesses eliminate the guesswork from demand fulfillment, and position themselves for long-term success.

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Investment Highlights

  • Large Total Addressable Market

  • Supportive Mega Trends

  • Established Market Leadership

  • Proprietary Technology

  • High Growth Recurring Revenue Model with Expanding Gross Margin

  • Significant Growth Opportunities

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Jared Maymon

Global Head of Investor Relations