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Stephen Nigro

Stephen Nigro has served as a director of our company since August 2019, after having served as a strategic advisor to our company from April through August 2019. Mr. Nigro is a member of our Compensation Committee. Mr. Nigro retired in early 2019 after 37 years at Hewlett-Packard, or HP, most recently serving as President of HP's 3D printing business, where he created and scaled a new technology and business, serving as a driving force towards HP's leadership in both the plastic and metal 3D printing markets. Mr. Nigro currently is a director at Desktop Metals (DM:NYSE). He also serves on the steering committee for the Oregon Business Council and is a Board member of iUrbanTeen, which promotes STEM education to underrepresented teens. Prior to heading HP's 3D printing business, Mr. Nigro served as Senior Vice President of HP Imaging and Printing Business, where he was responsible for leading HP's World Wide HP 2D printing business. Prior to that position, Mr. Nigro led the World Wide Inkjet and Graphics Business, which served the consumer, business, and Graphics segments, with both inkjet and LEP printing solutions. Mr. Nigro was involved in initiating several matters at HP, including: delivery of the first HP color inkjet solution to the market; setting up HP's Inkjet Supplies operation in Singapore; development of HP's first off-axis inkjet platform; HP's move into the low-end consumer printing market, delivering a new low-end inkjet platform; creation and scaling of the HP Graphics printing business; the connected printing strategy introducing big data and a new Instant Ink business model; and the creation of the HP 3D printing business. Mr. Nigro spent time at HP's locations in San Diego, California; Corvallis, Oregon; Singapore; Palo Alto; and Vancouver, Washington. Mr. Nigro holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a master's degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

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